Win a Free Entry to Utah’s State Shoot-Updated with qualified shooters entered

K & E Blanks is now sponsoring a FREE ENTRY to Utah’s CMSA State Shoot.

All you need to do is be one of the “first 20 shooters” to sign up for Utah’s State Shoot on CMSA website, the deadline to qualify for the drawing will be April 30, 2017. The drawing for the FREE ENTRY will held on August 25, 2017 at 8am. All 20 names of the shooters that signed up will be entered into the drawing. You will be required to be present. The winner will receive their Main Match paid for by K & E Blanks. Clink on the link below to go to CMSA website for the Utah State Shoot drawing.


The 20 Shooters qualified for the free entry drawing are listed below

Tracy Arnn

Jamie Webb

Alex Winder

Denise Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan

Joanne Berrien

Pauline Brough

Karmel Clay

Karla James

Mary Shue

Kathi Kilpatrick

Judy Moore

Janet Freeland

Tom Brough

Duane Iszler

Kevin Thacker

Danny West

Brent Daniels

Tad Jolley

Dan Moore

Calling All UMT MembersĀ 

To all UMT members interested in shooting locally. We have a handful of active members and board members that put a lot of time and effort into hosting local shooting events. We work hard at getting sponsors, promo the events, prizes, arena fees covered, balloon runners, volunteers to work the crows nest, range masters, shooters to assist setting up courses, setting up and tearing down. All so we can have better pay outs for our shooters! We (the volunteers) do it for our passion for this fun, family friendly sport. We have worked hard on growing this club and adapting to the needs of our shooters for the last 6 years. We repeatedly ask our members to sign up early for our CMSA shoots, we spend the extra time to put these shoots on for the benefit of our shooters. Allow our members to earn points locally without the cost and time of traveling to out of state shoots. Not all our members are able to travel or qualify easily for CMSA Worlds. It would be deeply appreciated to have the support from our UMT members with this one simple task! Please go online and sign up for our shoots posted on the CMSA website! Even if you can’t make it…. it still helps attract shooters from other states, brings in more sponsors, arenas, events and makes us look better as a club in the big picture! Thank You Tracy Arnn

Updated Info South Jordan Practices

South Jordan Practice Dates listed below on Tuesday evenings 6pm-10pm

$10 per person on each practice plus $1 a run to cover balloons. April 4, 11, 25th, May 16, 30th, June 6, 20 27th, July 4th, August 8, 15, 29th, September 5, 12 and 26th.

For more info contact Tracy Arnn at (801)580-9691