Utah County Practice

Practice: Salem arena, 6pm, 7/21. Matt Marzelle said we can have the arena on Friday nights and will let us know if they have an event. In Exchange we will do a service project. He wants things painted and will provide paint and supplies. we can talk about when to do the painting and I will coordinate with him. For more info contact Tad Jolley at (801) 367-8134

Looking for UMT shooters for demo

Attention UMT Shooters!We are doing a demo at the Ogden Pioneer Days rodeo on the 24th at 6:30 sharp. We are looking for 5 more competitive shooters. A custom set of horn bags by quarter circle leather has been donated for the winner of the best total time on two runs. A shotgun run might be required. Please call Kevin at (801)499-0127 if interested.