U.S. Winter Championship

Zack Kirk wins the M1! Greg Wilson wins the M2 and Rick Johnson wins SM2 class at the CMSA Winter Championships! I would love to add pics of Rick to this post too. If anyone has any please send them to me.


1/1/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Duchesne Indoor Area

2/2/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Mt. Pleasant (Contoy Arena)

3/16/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Spanish Fork Indoor Arena

4/6/2019 Snowbird Road Home

CMSA Snowbird Road Home Shoot (Golden Spike Arena, Ogden)

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4/20/2019 Spring Fling Jackpot

4 Stage Main Match, Shotgun, Rifle, Wrangler and Time Onlys. Contoy Arena, Mt. Pleasant

5/2/2019 Pre-UT State Shoot

 CMSA Pre-UT State Shoot (Blackhawk Arena, Salina).

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5/3/2019-5/4/2019 Utah State Shoot

CMSA Utah State Shoot (Blackhawk Arena, Salina)

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6/8/2019 Emery County Shoot

CMSA Emery County Shoot (Blue Sage Arena, Castle Dale)

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6/22/2019 Peoa Ranch Rodeo Shoot

CMSA Peoa Ranch Rodeo Shoot

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8/24/2019 Kanab Jackpot

Kanab, Utah

10/24/2019 – 10/26/2019 CMSA Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry Shootout

Wasatch County Sports Complex, Heber UT

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