If you find yourself teleported to the dusty streets of Tombstone, Arizona in October of 1881, you would expect to hear guns blasting, bullets flying and see cowboys galloping at full speed from the O.K. corral with guns drawn. If you find yourself in this scene in present day, you have most likely moseyed into a Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition.  With this much excitement jam packed into one sport, you can see why Cowboy Mounted Shooting has become the fast growing equine sport to hit the arena floor.

Contestants compete in this fast action timed event on horseback, using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared ammunition.  The cowboy or cowgirl deftly maneuver his/her steed through a course of 10 balloons while attempting to hit each target and pop the balloons.  The contestant who accomplishes this the fastest, is deemed the winner!  Luckily, The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association has a variety of levels of competition for everyone from beginner to advance horseman.

To add to the Wild West theme, participants are required to don western attire. Traditional style includes a western shirt, blue jeans covered by chinks, western boots, and a cowboy hat. Ladies are encouraged to wear dresses depicting the 1800’s.  

Utah’s Mounted Thunder (UMT) is one of many Foundation associated with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. UMT hosts several events throughout the year in various locations in the beautiful state of Utah.  This year, we welcomed 2019 with a bang in Duchesne, Utah on New Year’s Day.  Mount Pleasant was our next stop on February 2nd.  Shooters are currently refining their skills for our next shoot held in Spanish Fork, Utah. As addictive as this sport is, UMT is sure to keep the events scheduled to appease their shooting habit.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting promotes a great family oriented atmosphere encouraging all members of every age to join in the excitement.  If you find you’re ready for a challenge and want to meet the friendliest people in the equestrian world, come join our spirit of the West and this fast paced sport that brings it all together.


1/1/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Duchesne Indoor Area

2/2/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Mt. Pleasant (Contoy Arena)

3/16/2019 CSJ Series Jackpot- Spanish Fork Indoor Arena

4/6/2019 Snowbird Road Home

CMSA Snowbird Road Home Shoot (Golden Spike Arena, Ogden)

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4/20/2019 Spring Fling Jackpot

4 Stage Main Match, Shotgun, Rifle, Wrangler and Time Onlys. Contoy Arena, Mt. Pleasant

5/2/2019 Pre-UT State Shoot

 CMSA Pre-UT State Shoot (Blackhawk Arena, Salina).

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5/3/2019-5/4/2019 Utah State Shoot

CMSA Utah State Shoot (Blackhawk Arena, Salina)

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6/8/2019 Emery County Shoot

CMSA Emery County Shoot (Blue Sage Arena, Castle Dale)

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6/22/2019 Peoa Ranch Rodeo Shoot

CMSA Peoa Ranch Rodeo Shoot

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8/24/2019 Kanab Jackpot

Kanab, Utah

10/24/2019 – 10/26/2019 CMSA Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry Shootout

Wasatch County Sports Complex, Heber UT

Sign up on the CMSA Website after October 1, 2019 it will be limited entries!!
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