Odgen Shoot – July 13th, 2019

Time is running out to come support our shoot in Ogden this Saturday, July 13th.

JD has put in a lot of work and has been able to raise $1500 in added money and a pair of awesome spurs.

$800 added money for payouts & $700 added money for the top riders that are able to come back for a shootout demo during the Ogden Rodeo on the 24th.

Pre-register at cmsaevents.com

CMSA Updates

CMSA Updates:

The following policy will be effective in June with the Central Championship: if you win your division in the double down at a CMSA major event, you will not be allowed to move back in the following season. The other parts of the move back rule, including needing 10 events without a win, remain unchanged by this new policy.

Rifle/Shotgun: The following policy is in effect immediately: In the rifle class, a maximum of 5 blanks shall be loaded in the rifle. If more than 5 blanks are loaded in a rifle, a penalty of a non qualified run (60 seconds) shall be assessed. Match officials have the right to inspect any and all firearms used in the match. All firearms, including pistol, rifle, and shotgun, shall immediately be unloaded after each stage.