Updated Shooting News!

We have made a few more changes to shooting 2020 COVID-19 Style:

• Rick continues to have practice at his barn on Wednesdays, contact him for more info. 801-597-3696

• Rick has an opportunity this Wednesday to shoot for some military families in Morgan (demo), call him if you would like to participate. 801-597-3696

• Brent is having some practices in Mt Pleasant on Tuesdays (7/28, 8/11,18&25 at 6:30pm). Contact him for more info. 435-469-0522

• Spanish Fork practice is coming, we continue to work with the fairgrounds and the city for dates. We will post them when we have them to post.

• We are helping our Region by moving State to Ogden. This will allow Colorado to reschedule Region for 8/15.

• State will move to Ogden on September 12th. JD has things underway and we hope to attract more people by moving it 2 hours north (Greg posted it today 7/28/20).

• We still have a paid for arena in Salina, we only had 13 people sign up for the state shoot so we are going to keep the date and arena and have a jackpot. We have had a few people wanting time only’s. How about having a green horse class? Same rules as CMSA Futurity except for the horse age. This way we can compete and train at the same time. $10/run, with a payback for the top time. Let Tad know your thoughts on this. With a jackpot we can do whatever we want.

• Heber: The cowboy poetry gathering has been canceled but Kevin Koyle received a call from the arena and they want us to come back anyway. We will get a free arena and just have to pay for stalls through them. This will also allow us to move the date to the week after Worlds, so October 23-24. We are trying to get Greg to add it to the CMSA calendar but not having much luck. So, if you have any influence, please use it and meanwhile post it everywhere.

• Yellowstone is coming up this weekend and several of us are going, hope to see you there, we are helping sponsor this event as well as the one in Afton.

Thanks for your support
Tad, Kevin & Jen

CMS Virtual Competition Gear


Are you participating in the CMS Virtual Competition? You can get your CMS Virtual Competition gear by clicking here. The trucker hat is a big hit, but they’ve got more to offer including t-shirts, vests, and jackets.

Not sure what the CMS Virtual Competition is? Cowboy Mounted Shooters can compete with their fellow shooters from home during the CV 19 crisis by setting up the posted stage and posting a video of your run on the CMS Virtual Competition Facebook Group.

For more information visit the CMS Virtual Competition Facebook Group.

Schedule Updates

Due to the current COVID-19 situation schedules for events and practices in the coming months have been changed. Below is a list of event and practice statuses. Please check back often in case of further changes.

  • Winter series final had to be canceled and we will reschedule it
  • Rick’s barn practice’s have been canceled
  • Ogden shoot April 11 has been moved to September 12th
  • Mt Pleasant shoot April 18 has been canceled
  • Salina: Pre-State and the State shoot are on for now, but this could change