Beginner’s Shooter Clinic

Beginner’s Shooter Clinic

March 25, 2017 9am-5pm

Universal Equestrian Center

1450 West 400 North

West Bountiful Utah

Who is ready to learn Cowboy Mounted Shooting-the fastest growing equestrian sport? K & E Blanks will be hosting the first Beginner Shooter Clinic in Utah of 2017. This is a one day, hands on training and shooting for both you and your horse. All of our Instructors are NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructors. We provide the guns, holsters, blanks and horse ear plugs all for only $100. You just need to bring a lunch and your horse. To register or more info contact Kevin Koyle at (801)499-0127

  • Note- Please make sure your horse is trained to neck rein and use a shank bit. You will be required to ride with one hand, shoot and steer your horse with courses. 

Meet our Treasurer Elaine Koyle

Elaine Koyle, Treasurer of Utah’s Mounted Thunder

Owner/operator of K & E Blanks, wife, mother, grandmother and Utah’s Mounted Thunder’s ROCK! Without the support of Elaine, we would not have such successful CMSA shoots or jackpots. She is at 99% of the matches running the crows nest, keeping times, figuring payouts  and shutting down any drama. She keeps the club books organized all year and is there to assist Kevin in the planning, paperwork and the legal aspects of every shoot. She is on the phone days in advance for hours with Greg Frye of CMSA prepping for our bigger competitions. Most of all, she is there supporting as many as 13 – 15 competitions per year. That is true dedication for someone that does not shoot or have an interest in riding horses. Utah’s Mounted Thunder members have become her extended family. She has learned to become the Ultimate horse show wife and mom.


Meet our Vice President Tad Jolley

Tad Jolley, Vice – President of Utah’s Mounted Thunder

Owner/operator of Jolley’s Pharmacy in West Jordan Utah. Tad has been a member of our club for several years. He has sponsored several events and jackpot series to help promote and build our club also. He and his wife JoAnn are always volunteering and helping out at the CMSA matches and jackpots. You will always see JoAnn sitting next to Elaine Koyle in the crows nest announcing, writing down times and helping with registration, while Tad is out helping Kevin change courses, giving emotional support and course management advice to the new shooters. He brings some new energy and great ideas to the table. Tad’s long time experience as a dedicated business owner is sure to push our club to the next level. Kevin and our board members are super excited that he taken on this commitment. Tad is currently CMSA Utah and Arizona SM1 State Champion and has just recently moved up to a SM2 at our CMSA Wild West Shootout in Heber last October.



Meet our President Kevin Koyle

Kevin Koyle, President of Utah’s Mounted Thunder

Owner/operator of K & E Blanks and Koyle Concrete, Kevin has spent endless hours building the membership of our club. Planning and directing matches, finding sponsors, hosting practices, donating a ton of blanks for our local shoots when the club was in it’s growing phase. He is a NRA certified Instructor for pistol, rifle and shotgun and teaches Beginner Shooter Clinics here in Utah to continue to build the sport and our club membership. He is very passionate about our club and has made it a priority in his and his family’s life. This is our 6 year of having a local club now, he was told by a “seasoned shooter” back when he started the club that he would fail at making this club a success because in Utah the shooters are not dedicated to the sport. That statement has been proven to be nothing but false! Both Kevin and our club members have been super dedicated and passionate about this fast growing sport. Many of our shooters travel on national and world levels bringing home multiply titles every year. Kevin is the current CMSA U.S. Westerns SM2 National Champion, CMSA 2016 Utah Overall Champion, CMSA Utah SM2 State Champion and CMSA Utah State Reserve Overall Champion.


2016 Awards Banquet 

This year’s UMT Awards Banquet will be January 7th starting at 11:00 am. We want to make sure that those travelling longer distances will have time to arrive and more importantly travel home before dark. We will have lunch at Chubby’s Cafe in Pleasant Grove,, check out their online menu. In addition to presenting our 2016 Awards this will serve as a general membership meeting so all members are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP by email to or by phone/text to Denise, (801)372-4590
Chubby’s Cafe

336 South Main Street

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Winners at Heber Valley Wild West Shootout

Congratulations to our 2016 CMSA Heber Valley Wild West Shootout Winners!

Overall Mens: Roy Bean Ladies: Torrie Griggs

Top 10 Showcase
Mens Limited: Kevin Koyle Ladies Limited: Christine Winnett
Mens Open: Roy Bean Ladies Open: Torrie Griggs

Open Mens: Roy Bean Open Ladies: Torrie Griggs
Limited Mens: Walker Dixon Limited Ladies: Joan Brust

Open Mens: Roy Bean Open Ladies: Torrie Griggs
Limited Mens: Lachlan Clarke Limited Ladies: Lorraine Robinson

Class Winners
L1: Amber Rinell L2: Tina Baldocchi L3: Christina Winnett
L4: Torrie Griggs L6: Kenda Lenseigne
M1: Tom Henderson M2: Brian Lewis M3: Walker Dixon M6: Roy Bean
SL1: Karen Kelley SL2: Judy Fuller SL3: Marla Hughes
SL4: Collette Neuman SL5: Celia Boyd
SM1: Tad Jolley SM2: Kevin Koyle SM3: Phil Mason
SM4: Frank Young SM5: Rob Boucher SM6: Blair Philippi
WRL: Shyanne Boyd WRO: Sammi-jo Worley

Clean Shooters
Roy Bean, Cilia Boyd, Tom Brough, Torrie Griggs, Tom Henderson,
Tad Jolley, Karen Kelley, Brain Lewis, Phil Mason, Skip Neuman,
Amber Rinell, Gregory Wendell

Match Director: Kevin Koyle
Range Masters: Brian Lewis, Jeanne Lewis
Show Secretary/Treasurer: Elaine Koyle


Congratulations to our September Jackpot Winners! Young Living Lavender Farms ~ Mona, Utah

Main Match
Overall: Brian Lewis
Open Mens: Brian Lewis
Open Ladies: Denise Sullivan
Open Senior Ladies: Judy Fuller
Open Senior Mens: Scott Duke
Rookie Ladies: Karmel Clay
Rookie Mens: Dan West
Youth: Alex Winder

Mens: Brain Lewis

Ladies: Jamie Webb
Mens: Kevin Koyle

Open Ladies; Denise Sullivan
Open Senior Men: Scott Duke
Rookie Ladies: Karmel Clay
Rookie Mens: Dan West

Clean Shooter
Brian Lewis, Pauline Brough, Lon Pritchard, Dan West

mona-9-17-16 mona-buckles20160628_180823 lavenderdays-2 lavenderdays-5

Congratulations to our 2016 CMSA Utah State Championship Winners!

Congratulations to our 2016 CMSA Utah State Championship Winners!

Overall Cowboy: Scott Duke

Reserve Overall Cowboy: Kevin Koyle

Overall Cowgirl: Denise Sullivan

Reserve Overall Cowgirl: Jamie Webb

Senior Overall: Scott Duke
Ladies Limited Eliminator: Denise Sullivan
Men’s Limited Eliminator: Kevin Koyle
Ladies Open Eliminator: Collette Neuman
Men’s Open Eliminator: Scott Duke
Rifle: Lon Pritchard
Ladies Shotgun: Jamie Webb
Men’s Shotgun: Kevin Koyle
L1: Jamie Webb
L2: Denise Sullivan
M1: Joseph Sullivan
SL1: Pauline Brough
SL2: Judy Fuller
SL4: Collette Neuman
SM1: Tad Jolley
SM2: Kevin Koyle
SM3: Phil Mason
SM4: Scott Duke
SM5: Skip Neuman
SM6: David Beckham
WRL: Ejay Duke
Men’s AA Friday/Saturday Dash-4-Cash: Frank Young
Men’s A Friday Dash-4-Cash: Stuart Robinson
Men’s A Saturday Dash-4-Cash: Tad Jolley
Ladies A Friday Dash-4-Cash: Lorraine Robinson
Ladies A Saturday Dash-4-Cash: Denise Sullivan