Awards Banquet

UMT had some BIG news at the awards banquet this Saturday.

They were happy to announce after all of Rick Johnson, Tad Jolley’s hard work and $1,000’s of donated lawyer fees… our club is now Non Profit Status!! Which makes it great for sponsors and our members. We have new By-Laws and new leadership.

Tad Jolley- President

Justin Duke- Vice President

Jennifer Jolley- Secretary/Treasurer

There was awesome Overall, High Point and Rookie awards given out. A fun drawing for members to pick their own prizes donated by Tom and Pauline Brough with Diamond T Leather and Rick, Lori and Tyler Johnson from Signature Press. Best of all the drawing for the gun that everyone wants to win.

This year our wonderful volunteers for the crows nest were recognized with custom embroidered jackets from Signature Press and Jolleys Pharmacy also.